The Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System published an interim report in November 2019. The report outlines 9 recommendations that provide a starting point for system transformation. The final report will be available in February 2021.

The Royal Commission recommended a new office lead the implementation of the reforms for two years. The Victorian Government set up Mental Health Reform Victoria in February 2020.

Our purpose

We have a clear purpose – achieving better mental health outcomes for all Victorians. We want a better mental health system for individuals, families, carers, the community, and workers in the system. Adopting clear and measurable outcomes guides all that we do to improve the system.

Mental Health Reform Victoria leads the implementation of Recommendations 1 through 7. Recommendation 8, to adopt a new approach to mental health investment, is being led by the Department of Treasury and Finance, and the Department of Premier and Cabinet. Recommendation 9, to establish a new administrative office, has been achieved with the establishment of MHRV.

We have developed and committed to a program of work, and we will report through the Victorian Parliament. To help deliver this work, we collaborate with specialists and people with diverse experience and expertise. We also work with the Royal Commission to ensure our implementation of the recommendations is true to their original intent.

We work with people with lived experience of mental health and our mental health services. This is a move from a traditional method of ‘deliver and inform’ to working with consumers and carers.

Consumers, carers and their families are the focus of the implementation of the recommendations. People with lived experience of a mental illness, their carers and family are best placed to tell us how mental health services can help the people who use them.

We include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives across all recommendations. Facilitating real change requires broad engagement with diverse voices, perspectives and cultures.

Mental Health Reform Victoria commits to listening to and working with others. We are aware of the trust the community has placed in the Royal Commission and the rare opportunity to implement a contemporary and fair mental health system that responds to the needs of communities across Victoria. We will work together to transform the mental health system and to strengthen the mental health and wellbeing of the Victorian community.