Real system change requires engagement with diverse voices, perspectives and cultures.

Our engagement will include:

  • people with lived experience
  • families and carers
  • mental health and community practitioners
  • academics, researchers and experts
  • people across government.

Our engagement principles

We are purposeful - we know why and who we are engaging

We are prepared - we take history and experiences into account and we engage early

We are genuine - we are true to our word and put people and communities first

We are inclusive - we provide meaningful opportunities and support for consumer and carer participation

We communicate - we provide regular updates and complete the feedback loop

We strive for the highest level of engagement with consumers and carers who have lived experience of the mental health system. It will ensure that we can deliver better outcomes for all Victorians. Our engagement principles will support meaningful co-design and co-production with stakeholders.

Our approach to co-design

When we talk about co-design we mean designing with people, rather than for them. It requires building relationships and building capability.

Doing co-design means bringing together people with lived experience, professionals and other experts. It involves developing a shared understanding of the problem, defining the solution, and testing it.

Our approach to co-production

For us, co-production involves working together with stakeholders to develop a shared solution. It means an equal partnership in decision making and shared accountability for delivery, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.