Mental Health Reform Victoria measures progress using outcomes. Our approach focusses on measuring what matters. It means data and information collected will focus on consumers, carers and their families. We review both the implementation and outcomes of the recommendations. This is to make sure we understand what works, what doesn't, who for, and why. We also commit to sharing the evidence generated and our insights.

Our reform outcomes provide statements about what success should look like. They signal the ambition underpinning the reforms. They are what we expect for Victorians - and what they should expect for themselves. The outcomes we are working towards through the implementation of the recommendations are:

  1. Victorians have better mental health and well being
  2. Victorians have a better experience and greater satisfaction of mental health care
  3. People living with mental health issues recover and thrive
  4. Mental health services are culturally-appropriate, person centred and family inclusive
  5. The mental health workforce is sustainable, highly-skilled and reflects the community it serves.

For some, the scale of change and pathway to achieving success will be very different. We work with communities and stakeholders on a shared vision of the future. Working together ensures commitment and success in achieving these outcomes.

Measuring outcomes will play a big part in our evaluations. Evaluation is a critical part to reporting on what works - and what doesn't work. We will use evaluation findings to inform ongoing program refinement and new program design and delivery.