A new specialist mental health service will provide safer treatment and care for Victorian women who are experiencing complex mental illness or psychological distress.
Services for people’s level of need

The new state-wide Specialist Women’s Mental Health Service will provide 35 acute mental health beds in private settings.

The service will be delivered through a partnership between Ramsay Health Care, Alfred Health and Goulburn Valley Health.

The service will be provided through a mix of hospital and home-based care through Ramsay Health Care’s Albert Road Clinic in Melbourne and Shepparton Private Hospital.  

An evaluation of the success of this ‘hub and spoke’ model to inform potential future sites across other regional locations. 

The services will deliver holistic treatment, care and support for public patients who would otherwise be treated in a public inpatient mental health unit.  

The new beds will help to ease the pressure on the public system and improve access and outcomes for consumers.  

The model of care has been developed with input from people with lived experience. Further detailed co-design will further refine the model of care over the coming months. 

The Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System heard from many women who described experiences of gender-based harm in the mental health system.   

This specialist service will ensure gender and sexual safety for women in acute inpatient settings.  

It will also ensure that Victorian women can get the help they need in an environment that promotes recovery, increases safety and provides appropriate care based on level of need.