The Department of Health census will help establish the current profile of the mental health workforce across Victoria.
New system foundations

All Victorian specialist public mental health services are taking part in the mental health workforce census throughout August-September 2021. 

The Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System identified that limited workforce data is a significant challenge in planning the workforce needs for the future. The workforce census contributes to the Victorian Government’s response to interim recommendation 7, and the final report’s recommendation 57.

The census will provide valuable data about workers in Victorian public mental health services across all locations, disciplines, settings and sub-specialties. 

Services are being asked to provide total number of full-time equivalent staff, headcount, and vacancy numbers for all staff employed, including all service delivery disciplines, education, administration, and management positions. 

This includes details of the lived experience workforces employed by specialist mental health services.

The data will contribute to the development of tools for continuing data collection and analysis for workforce planning purposes. 

Access to this data will support the development of a sustainable workforce that is diverse, skilled and large enough to deliver effective treatment, care and support to Victorians with mental illness or psychological distress.

The Department of Health is also developing ways to support ongoing workforce data collection outside of Victoria’s specialist mental health services.

The census data will be finalised later this year and will be used in shaping the Mental Health Workforce Strategy, to be published by the end of 2021.

A Workforce Personnel Survey is planned for later in 2021 for members of the workforce to confirm information such as demographics, experience, and their own wellbeing.